it's about the journey, not the destination

It's the new year already, which is hard to believe. Unlike everyone else making New Year's Resolution posts, I'm not sure what I want to accomplish in 2015. I'd like to be more organized, eat less processed food and make more crafts. None of these are very quantifiable though...nor do I want to quantify them. The thought of quantifying them makes me not want to do them, if that makes any sense. In my day job I do a lot of quantifying, which becomes frustrating when the person doesn't meet that goal or far surpasses it. And if they only miss it by a little bit, did they really not achieve it? It makes them feel defeated...or maybe I feel defeated for them. 

Anyway, I'd like to work towards something in general, see where it takes me and how it changes over the year. To me, this focuses more on the process/journey, rather than the outcome/destination.

Here's to working on the journey.

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