(vegan) foodie Christmas list

As the light during the day gets shorter, I've been turning my thoughts to Christmastime (or whichever holiday you celebrate in the December/January timespan) and what I will be making for people. It's October now and it will take me some time to prepare all my gifts.  Occasionally, I think about what I would like. Lately, I've been lusting over some tasty vegan treats and decided that I would post about my own foodie Christmas list.

1. Cheeses!

In particular, I've been interested in the Avellana Creamery, Miyoko's Kitchen and Vtopian Artisan Cheeses. Let's face it; most vegan cheeses leave an odd after taste in your mouth or just aren't creamy enough. I've tried a lot of vegan cheese in the almost 8 years that I've been vegan, and believe me, there's nasty sh*t out there. Some of them I do like already, like Daiya, Teese and a raw one made of cashews that's locally made, but I'm ready to try some new ones. The three kinds listed above are ones that I'm ready to dive right into.

2. Caramels!

Most recently, I have tried Cocomels. They are fairly rich, which I enjoy. However, I've been looking for caramels that don't taste like coconut. These certainly do. Ones that I've been wanting to try out are from Feed Your Face on Etsy. 

3. Ice "cream" variations!

There are so many of these out there! One that I've been eyeing considerably more lately is Alchemy Creamery. They are located in NYC, so shipment is possible since there is nowhere near me that has this brand. So how does one ship ice cream? Well, this is this website called Foody Direct where they will ship it to you! Alchemy has their items available here so that people can order them. With ice cream sandwiches, pints and push pops available there are a variety of items to choose from. 

4. Macarons!

I've ordered from Sweet Maresa's already and love them! They are a bit pricey so I definitely get them for a special occasion. Their flavors rotate and so far I have loved each one. Currently, they have lavender, darjeeling and lemon, nasturtium, mint, violet, creamsicle, chocolate raspberry and jasmine.

What are some of your special holiday treats in which you like to indulge?

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