my favorites from the October box: indie craft sampler

These are my favorites from Indie Craft Sampler's October Box that I received. The listing of them is in no particular order, as I love all of these pieces about the same.
1. Allison Ranieri Illustration - Because how cute are cactuses?? Also, I love that the cards are made of 100% recycled 30% post-consumer fiber and the envelopes are 100% recycled 100% post consumer fiber.
2. Amy Blue Illustration - What an amazing drawing of this wedding singer guy!
3. Brandi Fitzgerald - High quality prints. In addition to this, there was a Rolleiflex one, and who doesn't love Rolleiflexes?
4. Stephanie Shade/Flower Child Cozies - Very practical. I often get coffee with a sleeve and I'd like to have a reusable sleeve instead of a disposable one.
5. Renaissance Bath - Ohmygoodness. This wonderful soap made my whole box smell great. I can't wait to use it. I'm not sure if it's cruelty-free, as the website does not specify. I will look into it though.
And last, but definitely not least...
6. Mars Original - I'm a big fan of "om" and meditation/mindfulness pieces, so I loved this "om" pin. I also love natural pieces, so it was fun to see the shell attached to a keychain.

Overall, I loved the sampler that I received and I intend to purchase a future box or two to continue finding new artists and creators. 

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