vegan nail polish remover

Here it is. Finally. The vegan (and in some cases, natural) nail polish remover review. The nail polish bottles are lined up from most effective to least effective, left to right (respectively). 

1. Keeki Pure and Simple

This was an impulse buy while I was ordering from It was the cheapest vegan nail polish remover I had seen and I thought Why not? and put it in my virtual cart. This is hands-down the best natural nail polish remover and I'm so glad that I got it. It smells like coconut and cleaned the nail polish off really well.

2. Zoya Remove+

This was an extra bonus I received when I was ordering some new nail polish and I thought I would try it. Unfortunately, this one still has acetone in it, although it is a low-acetone formula. Out of the four nail polish removers, it technically removes the polish the best but due to its acetone, I knocked it down a peg. It definitely has a better scent than fully acetone nail polish removers.

3. Scotch Naturals

I really wanted to like this one.  I have been eyeing Scotch Naturals for some time and have been so tempted to get this remover and other nail polishes of theirs. When I used it, I loved that it had no scent. Seriously, no scent. However, it does take a lot of elbow grease to remove the nail polish. The no scent makes this nail polish worthwhile but I would still go buy Keeki first. 

4. Karma Naturals

I wanted to like this one, too. Love it even. I do love the scent...a nice lavender scent without being too strong. However, this one takes way too much work to remove the polish that it is not worth it to me. Even when soaking the nail for a minute, the polish still needed the labor of love to come off. Sorry, Karma Naturals, I will not be buying you again. 

You might have noticed that Pretti NYC is not featured in this post. That is because by the time I bought the above, I could not justify further nail polish remover cost. If I happen to buy it in the future, I will definitely share about it here. 

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