mother's day

It's been a few weeks since Mother's Day but I wanted to wait until it was past so that I could show what I wrapped up for a couple of the mothers in my life. But first, aren't these flowers gorgeous! They lasted so long, too. I am so lucky.

I had found this free Mother's Day printable via Juliet Grace that I loved so much. I can't find the exact link anymore, as her website has changed. I cut some sketchbook paper to size, painted the yellow water color, waited for it to dry and then sent it through my printer. It's a little less than perfect with the ink smudges, but I really love how it came out.

One of my favorite embroidery stores, Merriweather Council, was having a sale and I snapped up these two pendants with initials.

It was a lovely day and since I've been in the process of closing down my shop, I appreciate even more being able to work on something creative. What have you been up to lately?

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