vegan nail polish removers

I am not the biggest girly girl you've ever met. I'm not even a girly girl, really.

But I do like nail polish.

I've stopped putting it on my finger nails altogether since it chips so easily for me. But I love to do my toe nails. Right now I'm in a limbo period since I'm supposed to have toe surgery next week and can't have nail polish on at the time. The past couple days I have been lusting after new nail polishes to try.

The other day, I was painting one of my tables (this story relates, I promise) and was reminded the hard way that oil based paint does not come off with soap and water. Before I knew it, both of my hands were covered in white, oily paint, as well as my bar of soap. I panicked. I didn't have any paint thinner and I quickly thought of what I did have that might help. I decided on nail polish remover. That helped a little bit but not nearly as much as I thought it would. Then I thought of a label removal method that was effective (olive oil and baking soda) and the supposed "miracle" of coconut oil. Seconds later, I was slathering coconut oil and baking soda on my hands, praying that it would help. It. worked. I was amazed. With such natural ingredients, I was able to take off the nasty smelling, chemical laden white oil-based paint. It was a miracle to me.

This experience got me thinking about how many other chemical-laden products I have in my home simply because I think they're the only things that work. I thought of that nail polish remover and how I thought it would work but didn't, and how terrible that must be for my skin (and nails!) that I tried that. I decided that I would research vegan and/or natural nail polish removers.

Most of them are expensive. As in $12 and up. I don't know about you, but for me, who usually buys a store brand nail polish remover at $2.77 per bottle, it made me seriously rethink this purchase. For a minute. And then I decided it was worth it to me to no longer use a chemical-filled product that was tested on animals and bad for the environment.

These are the options that I have come across. I intend to purchase each of them and test their effectiveness.

1. Priti NYC
2. Scotch Naturals
3. Karma Naturals

I look forward to trying each of these and reporting back on the results!

(No, I am not compensated in any way by these companies. I just want to check them out for myself!)

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